Happy Durga Puja !! Our HelpDesk & Customer Care operations will be affected on account of Navratri holidays on October 3rd (Monday), October 4th (Tuesday) and October 5th (Wednesday). Inconvenience is regretted.
We follow a NO CANCELLATION POLICY. Any order placed with us can be cancelled only if service delivery from our end is not possible. Cases where delivery from our end is not possible refunds in such cases shall be allowed to the client after deducting internet and handling charges (Approximately :Rs 300/-).

Note: Non delivery of services on account of any deficency in document and / or not providng OTP(ONE TIME PASSWORD) or any other shortcomming or non cooperation from client side which renders delivery of services impossible on our end shall not be treated as 'failure of delivery of services from our end'. No refunds shall be available in such cases as there is no lack of performance on our end.


However, where the client requests in writing to cancel his order within 4 hours from the time of making payment or processing of his application whichever is earlier , our company officials will consider the merits of the case & decide upon the refund. in such cases also, amount of refund cannot exceed 50.00% of the amount paid by client.

It is hereby expressly provided that where client requests for cancellation / refund of fees after 4 hours of making payment or processing of his application whichever is earlier, no refund claims will be entertained. decision on refunds taken by our company shall be final & binding upon the client.
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