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GeM(Government e-marketplace) is an online marketplace for the public procurement of commonly used goods & services by the central & public departments of the government. GeM SPV is the authority responsible for the development, management and maintenance of the GeM platform.

The price given on GeM is different from other marketplaces, due to the following factors:

  1. The prices offered on GeM include all taxes.
  2. Products offered on GeM may have a different warranty period.
  3. An onsite warranty is offered for some products.
  4. The payment terms of the transaction on GeM is different from other marketplaces.

The service offering is approved within 72 working hours of the approved time.

No, Aadhaar is no longer mandatory for Seller Registration, sellers can also use personal PAN for Identity Verification while doing the seller registration.

You must provide the official email ID of the person managing the account to not miss out on the updates.

Log interval is the time period after which the invoice has to be generated by the vendor. The time duration for the generation of the bill could be 30 days and is generated on a pro-rata basis as per the contract.

To avoid biases in the selection of the seller, for a particular purchase, the seller's name is no longer disclosed on GeM until the Buyer makes a purchase decision.

  • GeM provides a wide and interactive online platform for the manufacturer, small dealers and service providers.
  • It provides easy online procurement for goods & services to be used by various government sectors.
  • It is a dynamic market and thus, the prices of the goods and services change according to the changing needs and conditions of the market.
  • It is a secure platform and all documents are e-signed by the buyers and sellers.
  • It provides modern tools such as e-bidding, online reverse auction and demand aggregation to provide the government users best value for the money.
  • It provides direct purchase for the Government departments, Organizations and Public Sector Undertakings.
  • It has a user-friendly interface for buyers and sellers.

GeM provides an open and wide marketplace for startup companies. The GeM has launched a new initiative for the startups in partnership with Startup India known as GeM Startup Runaway. This program has been initiated to promote entrepreneurship through innovation in India. However, to enjoy all the benefits of the GeM Startup Runaway program you must register your business with the Department of Promotion for Industry and Internal Trade(DPIIT).

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