GeM stands for Government e-Marketplace. The GeM registration helps entrepreneurs or any authorized company to get a wide e-Marketplace for buying and selling the products and services and start up their own business with minimal effort.

     The geM registration portal is an online portal for obtaining the GeM registration. 

What is GeM PORTAL?

Government e-marketplace is a platform where it provides the proprietor a startup facility by discovering new products and innovative solutions at the Indian startup in the finest form.

It provides online procurement of the goods and services required by the government, organization, and PSU’s.

It provides the various facility and services in portals like -

  • Security manpower
  • Catering 
  • Human resource 
  • Cloud 
  • Vehicle hiring

Indirectly we can say that it is authorized by the government. To provide transparency and integrity, efficiency, and speed with the proper record of the data.

Government e-marketplace brings a lot of benefits and solutions for our proprietorship partners. With the help of the Government e-marketplace portal proprietors will get instant, frictionless finance service. GeM has observed the necessity of an initiative that provides an end-to-end digital solution, instant loans easily and without requiring the consent of the buyer.

Benefits OF GeM Registration portal


GeM registration portal provides the best services and step-to-step notification and verification with the buyer to control every process easily and smoothly. Nothing is hidden from the buyer every step and process will be shared with them to manage and register the account. 


No one wants to share their details publicly so GeM registration provides a security authentication service to the buyer so that only authorized members of the company can get access to the account and all personal details will be hidden in the registration process to maintain customer information safe. Every payment detail will be secured with the proper verification and authentication of identity.


There are popular products and services that are present in the catalog services. In any case, if a buyer is registered in the GeM registration portal they can get the catalog service which is managed by the experienced team where extra suggestions facility will be also provided.


In GeM products and services it doesn’t disclose the name of the seller to avoid the biasing with the name of the seller until the purchase decision is made by the buyer. GeM registration offers a large marketplace so it didn’t mix up the personal matter with the customer to provide the service.


With the help of GeM registration, it provides a vast marketplace to start-up companies.

The GeM has taken the initiative for the startups India known as GeM startup runaway.

GeM registration facility has been initiated to promote the Startup business and entrepreneurship. 


It offers an order tracking facility where buyer and seller both can stay up to date about products and services offered by GeM. If the seller has any issue or complaint regarding the service and goods they can also file a complaint about it and after filing the complaint they can also track the complaint which is the main key point for users because many of the GeM registration portals didn’t provide the complaint tracking facility.


The price offered by the GeM is affordable and provides value to the money because it includes all taxes in it and it may have a different warranty period. The payment terms of GeM are different from other e-marketplaces. Price is also adjustable as per market conditions. It also offers an easy return policy.

 Advantages of GeM Registration  For Buyers

  1. It offers large products and services for individual categories.
  2. It offers the search and browsers option for bidding, brands, products, and their categories.
  3. Anyone who enrolled or registered in the GeM can easily search, check, buy and get the details of goods & services.
  4. It provides transparency that’s why it is authorized by the government and made it mandatory by the Government of Finance by adding rule no.149.
  5. GeM offered an easy return policy.
  6. Complaint tracking and order tracking facilities are also available. 

  Advantages of GeM Registration  For Seller’s 

  1. Direct marketing with minimal effort in shops under GeM.
  2. It offers catalog services after filling the contact form or by providing the contact information.
  3. An extra suggestion facility is available.
  4. Price can be easily adjustable as per market conditions
  5. Seller friendly dashboard for selling  and monitoring supplies and payment
  6. Easily accessible in all Government Departments.

 Disadvantages of GeM registration

  • GeM products and items are not up to the mark quality-wise. As the material of the item is not good it required maintenance due to the low quality of the material.
  •  Since the quality of the product is low the price with respect to the product is high as compared to the allotted price. 
  • The Standard of material used in the product is not defined properly which leads to poor quality of the purchase. As we know the local market has no boundaries and conditions to use the material.
  • There are some transportation issues that occurred due to this they spent a large amount on transportation without any fixed rate.
  • Sometimes the order is very bulk due to the heavy amount of requirements they find very hard to work with the local markets and maybe some timing issue will occur to meet the demand.
  • There is not a fixed time for delivery due to the huge amount of orders. It might take a long time for delivery.
  • We can’t assure the quality of products by only watching them online. Maybe there is a lot of difference between them.    

GeM registration fees

  • Seller turns over less than 1crore they have to deposit Rs. 5000 as caution money.

  • Seller turns over more than 1crore but less than 10 crores they have to deposit Rs.10,000 as caution money.
  • Seller turns over more than 10 crores they have to deposit Rs.25,000 as caution money.
  • For the Vendor assessment, you have to deposit Rs. 11,200+GST as caution money.

Documents required for GeM registration


  • Pan Card 
  • Aadhaar Card 
  • GST Certificate
  • MSME Certificate(if available)

Partnership Firm

  • Firm Pan Card
  • Partner Pan Card (Key Person)
  • Aadhaar Card (Key Person)
  • Firm Gst Certificate
  • Firm Bank Account Details
  • Firm MSME Certificate (if available)


  • Company Pan Card
  • Director Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card (Key Person)
  • Company Gst Certificate
  • Company Bank Account Details
  • Company MSME Certificate (if available)

Trust / Society

  • Trust / Society Pan Card
  • Partner Pan Card (Key Person)
  • Aadhaar Card (Key Person)
  • Trust / Society Gst Certificate
  • Trust / Society Bank Account Details
  • Trust / Society MSME Certificate (if available)

GeM Buyer/Seller registration process

STEP 1: Fill gem registration form - Click Here

STEP 2: Fill the registration form step by step and choose the option of the BUYER/SELLER  to get registered as a buyer/seller in the GeM portal.

STEP 3:  Complete the fee payment that is provided by the portal which is 100% secured.

STEP 4:  Expert will call to collect OTP and process your information.

STEP 5:  Registration will be successfully completed.

STEP 6:  After successful completion of registration, the registration credential will be delivered to your registered mail account.

STEP 7:  Security money will be deposited by the owner.

STEP 8: Catalogue creation is done by the owner.


The Government is providing the best service through the GeM to both buyer and seller which will give them better scope in the e-marketplace and also a better opportunity to expand their business. So if anyone wants to sell or buy the goods and services they can easily register in the GeM registration portal to use the service with better transparency, security, and also better opportunity than others. Our main key is to provide great service to our customers with an extraordinary team which will give you better recognition in your startup and business.


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